Investment Visa

E-2 Investment Visa

If you have entrepreneurial inspiration and would like to live in United States of America and enjoy the Sunny California weather, E-2 Investment Visas may be the ideal way to come live and work in the US.This type of visa allows for you, your spouse and children under 21 to join you in the US and your spouse can also obtain a work permit.

How do I find a suitable business for E-2 Purposes?

Crown Business Group has the knowledge, experience and has successfully assisted hundreds of individuals find an ideal business for an E-2 visa. We can help you locate a business that has both strong financials that would allow you to obtain your visa and also a solid future.

How much money would you need to invest in an E-2 Business?

To determine how much money you will need to invest in your E-2 business, it depends on various factors such as the type of business you buy, number of individuals being supported by the business, which state will you be investing in, etc…The investment must be “substantial” and can be anywhere from $200,000 and above.

Who can help me file an E-2 visa application?

As an experienced Business Brokerage, Crown Business Group will assist you in finding the ideal business for E-2 visa. In addition, we have the privilege of working with and referring our clients to several knowledgeable and qualified immigration attorneys. The experienced attorneys will educate you on the E-2 visa process and assist you with all the necessary paperwork and documentation.

For any questions, feel free to contact Crown Business Group and allow us to help you achieve your dream of moving to USA and owning a Business here.